As a gamechanger in footwear industry, PAIHO provided total solution for your creative designs. The digital jacquard woven fabric brings lightweight feature and customized patterns for seamless one-piece upper to shorten the manufacturing process, and the 4-way stretchable fabric brings the unprecedented sensation of fitting. Furthermore, get inspired by PAIHO diversified footwear accessories: Easy Tape, touch fastener, shoelace, tip, elastic, webbing, and reflective materials.
  • Easy Tape

    Paiho Group has developed molded hook from our several years research with various hook model and anti-slippery sheet, and now is popular applied in shoes , apparel, etc.
  • Touch Fastener

    Taiwan Paiho has 40 years of professional experience in
    manufacturing touch fasteners. strict quality control assure consistent quality.
  • Elastic

    Paiho has developed post-processes such as spreading with eco-friendly silicone, screen print, sublimation print, high frequency embossing on webbings.
  • Webbing

    The webbing was made with fine grade color yarn, bright yarn, or reflective yarn to present diversified multi-color, surface textures, and unique effects.
  • Shoelace

    Paiho introduces precise weaving and knitting machine and various yarn types such as reflective yarn, radiant film, mono, lurex, and spun polyester to present diversified textile structure.
  • Tip | Aglet

    Paiho presents delicate and diversified tips and aglets to match drawcords and shoelaces Different materials, surfaces, textures, processing, and tactility can be customized according to requirement.
  • 4-way Stretch Fabric

    Tenarious 4 way stretchability with ultra coverage. Applied in footwear inner sock (bootie) and upper.
  • Knitted Jacquard Mesh

    Paiho’s knitted jacquard fabric leads the latest fashion trend. Our jacquard loom is imported from German with high quality color yarn to enable the consistent production.
  • Digital Woven Fabric

    Paiho woven jacquard fabric is woven by Switzerland loom which is world class leader. Colorful pattern is able to produce product diversity.


  • Reflective Material
  • Trim
  • Elastic