Plastic︱Metal︱Silicone︱ECO Materials︱And More.

PAIHO presents delicate and diversified tips and aglets to match drawcords and shoelaces with different materials, surfaces, textures, processing, and tactility can be customized according to requirement.




Plastic Tip

  • The patented plastic tip can protect the plastic wrap and extend the service life of the shoelace or cord. 
  • Diversified treatment: plating, spray printing, hydro dipping, digital printing.

Metal Tip

Delicate hollow cut / carve / convex / laser-etching logos and patterns with multi-color plating.

Embossed Tip

It is available to make customized logos with 3D textures on tips to raise the brand image.

Injected Tip

An integrated cord and plastic tip with insert molding process without glue.

Pe Tip

  • TPU and TPR soft tips with great hand feeling. 
  • Taiwan Patent Application No.: 97112687.


Made with recycled PET (from plastic bottles), biodegradable PLA, PCL, and bamboo wood.

Printed Tip

  • Multi-color logos or patterns can be printed inside the transparent plastic tips to present more colorful appearance of tips.
  • Taiwan Patent No.: M117112
  • China Patent No.: 90072
  • USA Patent No.: 611959

Silicone Dipping Tip

Paiho introduces unique dipping process for ultra-soft multi-color silicone tips with screen printing patterns and reflective powder. 

Banana Tip

Innovative one-piece tip and drawcord. No plastic and solvent in the production, more eco-friendly, and with soft tactility.