PAIHO cooperates with electronic product brand customers closely. We can not only provide customized textile or raw / composite materials, but also can perform diversified converting processes such as welding, cutting, sewing, printing, laminating, injection molding and other converting services.

VR Devices

PAIHO integrates internal and external semi-finished products with processing experience

  • Converted Product

    Converted Product

  • One-stop Solution for device component

    One-stop Solution for device component

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Wearable Devices and Accessories

  • Smart Watch Band

    Smart Watch Band

  • Smart Home Kit

    Smart Home Kit

  • Smart sleep mask

    Smart sleep mask

  • Baby wearable devices

    Baby wearable devices

  • Handy Mobile Case

    Handy Mobile Case

Cable and Storage Management

One-stop services from the resources to the final material or finished product to bring customers comfortable and functional accessory solutions.

  • Cable Management Cord

    Cable Management Cord

  • Power cord fasteners

    Power cord fasteners

  • Storage bags

    Storage bags