• Translucent radiant film tape weaving with 3M radiant film which has glossy reflections at different angles and brings futuristic aesthetic. It can be used for heel tapes, eyelet webbing and fastening tapes on shoes.
  • Various patterns available and can be customized according to the design specification. 
  • Radiant light yarn specification: 1/69", 1mm and CM592 (blue) and CM500 (pink) radiant light yarn colors in stock. 


Dazzling Translucent Radiant Film Strap

  • Introducing glossy 3M radiant film decorative fastening tape with translucent TPU woven fabric and applicable for shoe upper, logo label & patch, luggage outer.
  • CM592 (blue) and CM500 (pink) radiant light film colors in stock. 

Radiant Film Woven Jacquard Shoelace

Glossy reflection of delicate radiant film and delicate jacquard geometric patterns. It's applicable to shoelace & accessories.

Radiant Film Braided Drawcord

Glossy reflection of exquisite radiant film applied to braided drawcord for apparel & accessory collections.