Bamboo Charcoal Fiber

Patent No.: 92132874 (Taiwan)︱03150537.6 (China)

PAIHO worked with the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) to develop innovative products like bamboo charcoal yarn and white bamboo charcoal yarn. Through natural plant charcoal fiber and micron grinding and biochemical technology, the yarn and finished textiles are offering a Natural Far-Infar ray for thermal insulation, health promotion, deodorizing, and absorbent and quick dry functions. 

refine process

Natural and healthy

  1. Selected 4-year-old Taiwan bamboo raw material. 
  2. Carbonized bamboo.
  3. Nano technology for Bamboo charcoal powder grinding.
  4. Spinning into fiber.
  5. Bamboo charcoal yarn & staple fiber for apparel garment.

natural effect

Accelerated blood stream flow

The blood flow remarkably increases after PAbamboo charcoal clothing is put on,as shown in the image produced by a US super-high-resolution microscopic device.     


Natural Plant Charcoal Fiber

This fiber is unlike others have lithification will cause skin allergy or cotton that propagate the germ.


Natural Far Infrared Ray Effect

Bamboo charcoal fiber releases 90% Far Infrared Ray which can improve blood circulation while keeping the body warm and maintaining body temperature. 


Multi-layered Structure

This construction can enhance warm and reduce heat exchange and convection that effectively, in enclose body temperature lost.


Absorbent and Quick Dry

The cross-section fiber can prevent sweat and wetness from contacting with the skin that might cause uncomfortable tactility. Also the fiber consists high volume of bamboo charcoal powder can increase high efficient in absorbing. 



Keep Warm

Bamboo charcoal has the porous structure can absorb energy from outside and human body which can reduces heat radioactivity lost. 


Deodorizing and Anti-bacteria

The structure of Taiwan bamboo charcoal provides natural minerals which absorb moisture, prevent bacteria growth and reduce odor, disrupt the germs spread and fungi.  

UV Protection

Effectively isolate the UV rays.

Multifaceted Fiber

Integrate lightness and diversify swirl technology will present comfort wearing and move freely.