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Human Resource Development
PAIHO regards employees as the company’s most valuable assets and highlights the importance to the development of each employee. We abide labor laws and refer to the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights conventions, and document company working rules, workplace sexual harassment prevention, complaints, and handling methods, non-discrimination written policies, employee complaints channels. In addition, PAIHO emphasizes the occupational safety / health instruction, and other related management policies and procedures to protect the rights of employees.


Human Resource Development


PAIHO's employment, wages, benefits, promotion, dismissal, or retirement of employees is based on the ability of employees and responsibilities. PAIHO treats all employees equally regardless of race, color, gender, nationality, age, religious belief, marital status, gender identification, gender performance, service status, disability, or any other factors unrelated to work. We strive to create a working environment of equal opportunity, dignity, safety, equality, and freedom from discrimination and harassment.
Human Resource Development Human Resource Development Human Resource Development Human Resource Development Human Resource Development


Community participation: PAIHO is keen to participate in community activities and temple fairs held in the township, and sponsors various activities, such as the Lantern Festival Campfire Party, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double-Nine Festival, and Elderly Party to enhance the harmonious relationship with the township.


PAIHO is committed to the development of related products and materials that save natural resources and Eco-friendly recyclable materials. Besides the cooperation and development of existing customers and partners, we also have many cooperation plans engaged from fiber yarns to cutting-edge designers. With innovation mindset, we continuously to enhance cooperative research and development of products in different industries, and innovative product designs, applications, and solutions.

    In order to provide employees with a healthy, safe and hygienic working environment, PAIHO abide major environmental protection laws and relevant internal company regulations, and implements various types of work safety and health education and training to train all employees to have environmental protection and industrial safety knowledges. We also emphasize the 5S campaign, provides a clean environment for employees, and provides PPE (personal protective equipment), which is necessary for the safety and health of employees. An automatic labor safety and hygiene inspection plan is inspected every year, and safety and hygiene automatic inspections are indeed implemented, and environmental safety personnel are regularly scheduled environment audits in the factory to ensure workplace safety. In the manufacturing processes, we are committed to pollution prevention, promotion of waste reduction, and implementation of waste classification and recycling and continuous improvement to reduce the incidence of environmental impacts and create a zero-disaster and zero-pollution working environment.

    In order to enable all employees to know better about the PAIHO, and to be familiar with the working environment and related rules and regulations, we provide training programs and orientations for new employees; each department head also implements professional training for new employees in the department so that all employees can work with professional skills and ability of executing works. In order to continuously improve the performance and professional capabilities of employees, we draw up annual education and training plans and implementing internal training in accordance with the company’s operating plans, and each department also sends staff to participate in external training related to the business to have the necessary experience and knowledge. We also plan various training courses suitable for the company's colleagues every year and invites external consultants or internal lecturers to enhance the ability and development of colleagues.

    PAIHO (Taiwan headquarter) has established a basketball team and a badminton team in 2018 for employees to exercise and communicate. Not only to maintain employees’ wellness, but also to provide more opportunities for working partners to communicate and interact. In addition, we participate in the Taiwan Employees’ Games annually to strengthen communication with other athletes and business units.