2022. 03. 28

TAIWAN PAIHO 360° Immersive Experience


Immersive Experience

The pandemic has changed our lives along with our way of working. In answering to the questions of how to maintain distance as needed, but also bring the world closer at the same time, 360° Taiwan PAIHO immersive experience, the most realistic presentation of the appearance of materials, taking users to apprehend the PAIHO materials with the help of technology.




Taiwan PAIHO Cross-Platform Cooperation Series – TRAVELER. TRAVELER uses 4-way stretchable fabric, the latest Dragonfly Eyelet Tape II and other accessories. The shoe upper introduces the common drawstring system from Outdoor shoes, and the adding trendy woven labels creates a sense of modern fashion on shoes.

In addition to the auxiliary materials such as webbing and shoelaces, Taiwan PAIHO also introduced a special 4-way stretch knitting machine to actively develop elastic fabrics more superior than the ones in general market. The latest crinkle four-way stretchable fabric has excellent stretchability and three-dimensional appearance. It can be utilized in various merchandises. For the first time, we are able to unveil this Taiwan PAIHO material inside out through a 360° immersive experience!



4-way Stretchable Fabric

- Crinkle -


three-dimensional sense 

The Traveler uses crinkle 4-way stretchable fabric to cover major area of shoe upper. Not requiring any processing, this material presents a great three-dimensional sense once embedded into shoes. Moreover, it also makes its four-way elasticity more stretchable. 



4-way stretchable fabric with crinkle textile structure and PAIHO multi-color space-dyed yarn.


Knit textile structure delivers excellent air-ventilation to keep you comfortable. 

ft. Space-dyed yarn

4-way stretchable fabric with PAIHO multi-color space-dyed yarn.

Delicate Reflective Braided Shoelace



The series of exquisite braided shoelaces each has its own aesthetics.  You can pick the matching shoelace based on the shoe design, making it not only delicate but also functional. The shoelaces also create different effects during the day and night.


Dragonfly Eyelet Tape II

The Dragonfly Eyelet Tape is a very interesting woven webbing. The outlook is similar to the general elastic belt. However, when applied to where the node is required to pull the lace, the webbing can be used to pick out the nodes at the desired distance at will to achieve the effect of looping. The Traveler series puts this concept on shoe eyelets.  It applies Dragonfly Eyelet Tape on both sides of shoe upper to create various looping effects with shoelaces.


Premium Digital Woven Label

Taiwan PAIHO premium woven fabric label can not only presents the brand logo and words in fine detail but also can be customized with precision laser cutting

/  Application  /

Shoe upper / headwear 

Apparel & accessories / Luggage & bags 

Woven Tape

Woven Tape is an indispensable material for the products. We provide five different weave effects that can be applied to the products.

Plain Weave / Dense Weave

Wavy Weave

Twill  Weave

Chessboard  Weave

Customization and Integration of over 15 yarn types to create various texture & patterns and durable quality.

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