2022 TITAS Taipei Innovative textile application show

Sep. 23, 2022


Join us on an experience-oriented fashion and environmental protection journey, TITAS, starting on October 12th.

Recycling is a topical subject for the fashion industry.
Given the urgency of zero emissions in 2050, the design team of PAIHO uses paper fibers and recycled yarns to launch a special plain weave textured fabric with recyclable and sustainable environmentally friendly paper fibers.
The special plain weave textured fabric made of environmentally friendly paper fibers and recycled yarns has a unique moisturizing feel and durability, and has passed rigorous wear and tear resistance tests;  Your traditional impression of "paper" material can be applied to a wide range of industries; whether it is bagged, shoe materials, clothing accessories.
PAIHO is scheduled to hold a dynamic catwalk during the TITAS exhibition. 
The event will feature several models who will dynamically demonstrate the application of environmentally friendly materials and the practice of sustainable development in the fashion industry through clothing, bags, shoes, etc.  It is hoped that this exhibition will promote the development of environmental protection issues and let the seeds of environmental protection and sustainability germinate in the fashion industry.

  • Fabrics and trims: The digital jacquard woven fabrics, high-strength CB board and nylon fabric, color-shifting loop fabric, and diversified trim products.
  • Injection Component: innovative patented injection components to integrate PAIHO trims and EasyTape molded hook.
  • Go green: eco paper fiber textiles, upcycled non-woven and trims to implement sustainable fashion ideas.
  • Material Hub: PAIHO online product database includes over 3,000+ featured materials. Get inspired by PAIHO materials to empower your ideas



Location: Event Stage Area
Show Time:
10/12 12:30-13:00
10/13 13:00-13:30 
10/14 13:00-13:30

More information to follow:
Official website: www.paiho.com
Youtube official channel:Taiwan paiho

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2022 TITAS Taipei Innovative textile application show