A Gift that Saves Lifes.

Oct. 28, 2022

Due to the severe epidemic situation recently, the amount of blood donations is insufficient, and the blood bank in Taiwan is in a blood shortage. Paiho continues to respond to "A GIFT THAT SAVES LIFES", cooperate with Taichung Blood Donation Center, and invite blood donation vehicles to Paiho headquarters. Paiho management joined with staffs to participate the blood drive. In addition, in order to encourage everyone to participate actively, Paiho provided the black fungus drink produced and sold by local small farmers as gifts in this event, so that everyone can not only donate double love, but also encourage all stakeholders to care more about the land in the future , carry out local low-carbon consumption and continue sustainable value.

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This blood donation event was held on October 13, 2022. The number of responses was 117, and a total of 99 blood donations were completed, including 10 blood donations at the supervisor level. The total number of blood donation bags was 142 bags, and the total blood donation amounted to 35,500cc. Starting from 2021, Taiwan Baihe has held a total of 3 blood donation activities, a total of 324 people donated blood, a total of 439 bags of blood, a total of 109,750c.c.

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Blood donation activities help others and benefit oneself, not only can help others, but also help oneself make new blood, promote metabolism, and be beneficial to health. Through this blood donation activity, we not only timely meet the needs of medical blood, relieve the blood shortage, but also give full play to the charity and charity deeds of love and mutual aid, which not only fulfills corporate social responsibility, but also contributes to the society.

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A Gift that Saves Lifes.