Year of 111 Annual CleanCoastal Beach Activity

Sep. 27, 2022

At 8:00 am on September 17, 2022, Taiwan Paiho held the "Year of 111 Annual CleanCoastal Beach Activity" on the beach along Ke-liao coastline of ShengangTownship, Changhua County. To echo with the calling of  "International Beach Cleanup Day" initiated by the American Ocean Conservation Association (TOC) on the third Saturday of September every year, it is also to implement the "Taiwan Paiho Coastline Protection Plan", Taiwan Paiho invitedall employees and their families “hand in hand to clean the beach, clean theocean". A total of 70 people responded enthusiastically this time,working together to clean up beach debris and responding to the calling ofenvironmental protection.

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TINA YE, vice president of Taiwan Paiho, led her family along with Taiwan Paiho employees and family members to participate in this event. Under the scorching sun, everyone, bent down with sweat, collaborated with each other to pick up trash on the beach. It took only one morning to collect dozens of burlap bags of garbage, and roughly around 1 ton of garbage was collected in total. Despite of the exhausting work, everyone was very excited to see the beach, covered with all kinds of garbage in the beginning, returning to its original appearance. That excitement is coming from our real actions in maintaining the beach, defending the ocean, and protecting the earth.

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In addition, this is the second beach cleaning activity held in 2022. Many employees and their families agree with the sustainable spirit of Taiwan Paiho and choose to take action to support their participation again. At the same time, TaiwanPaiho also provided the agricultural products of the local farmers' association to the participants after the event, thanked everyone for their enthusiastic participation, and also supported the small farmers in Taiwan, fulfilling the social responsibility of the enterprise.

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Year of 111 Annual CleanCoastal Beach Activity