A Gift that Saves Lifes.

Oct. 21, 2021
Paiho has been promoting charity, from charity donation, delivery of new year meals to disadvantaged elderly, to organizing charity events with staffs. 

This year Paiho particularly worked with Taichung blood center to arrange a blood mobile bus. Paiho management joined with staffs to participate the blood drive. The crowd had kept the line going on all day.

In this blood donation activity, we have 182 people responded, 136 blood donors, and 12 donors at the supervisor level. A total of 42,500 cc of blood was drawn, and the total number of blood capsules were 170 .

Today's blood drive is very successful. Paiho will keep doing it's best to promote charity in the future. Paiho also appreciates all participating the charity with real action and spreading the love.

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A Gift that Saves Lifes.