Environmental Health and Safety and Energy Policy

Taiwan Paiho Limited adheres to becoming a sustainable enterprise responsible for employees, society, the environment, and shareholders. Taiwan Paiho Limited looks forward to becoming an industry leader, an innovative inventor, and a sustainable operator. 

We recognize the importance of danger prediction, disaster elimination, pollution prevention, energy conservation, and carbon emission reduction. In order to ensure the sustainable development and labor safety/health, we are committed to following the principles below, further implementing the Environment, Health and Safety, and Energy Management System:

  • Regulatory CompliancePromote compliance with any applicable EHS and energy-related laws, regulations, standards, and other requirements.
  • Energy Conservation and Waste ReductionPromote process improvement, waste classification, and waste recycling to reduce energy/resource consumption and waste generation. 
  • Occupational Safety and HealthImplement injury/disease prevention and health inspections. Avoid the risk of occupational accidents, building safety, and labor hygiene.
  • Education and TrainingImplement the EHS and energy education and training, advocate the EHS and energy policies, and elevate the employee’s awareness of EHS and energy and emergency response capacity.
  • Green ProcurementSupport green procurement, priority to EHS, and energy-friendly products and suppliers.
  • Sustainable DevelopmentImplement the EHS and Energy Management System effectively, continuously review and improve the performance of the management system, and further fulfill corporate social responsibility

Investor Service

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