TITAS online exhibition

  • Trim


    As a gamechanger in footwear industry, PAIHO provided total solution for your creative designs.
    PAIHO apparel trim and fabric feature comfortability, durability, and eco-friendly raw material and processes.
  • Farbic


    From ultra-soft underwear, casual outfit, to high-performance outdoor garment, PAIHO team brings unprecedented sensation of tactility, diversified visuality, and consistent quality for all kinds of apparel collections. Get inspired by PAIHO diversified apparel accessories: drawcord, elastic, webbing, reflective materials, and more.

TITAS online exhibition

  • InjectionMolding


    Paiho Group has developed molded hook from our several years of research with various hook model and anti-slippery sheet and now is popularly applied in footwear, apparel, stationery, medical, sports, and furniture, automotive, aircraft, and baby care, etc.
  • GoGreen


    Based on the global environmental protection plea of energy saving and carbon reduction and friendliness to the environment, the Group actively cooperates with all environmental protection measures of the “Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)” of NIKE and other international brands.