TaipeiCycle online exhibition

  • BTN001


    A three-layer construction with highly abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant performance.
  • Buckle & Component

    Buckle & Component

    Innovative buckles and components to integrate PAIHO diversified trim and accessories.

TaipeiCycle online exhibition

  • Versatile Paiho

    Versatile Paiho

    PAIHO has established post-processes facilities for value-added converting processes, one-stop-shop services, professional and customized solutions for various industries.
  • CB board

    CB board

    Technical composite material features high scratch and abrasion resistance.

TaipeiCycle online exhibition

  • Functional Jacquard Woven Fabrics

    Functional Jacquard Woven Fabrics

    Through manufacturing and material innovation, PAIHO woven jacquard fabric with brushing, water-repellent treatment, coating, abrasion resistance, Eco-friendly, embossing to present diversified styles and functions with excellent hand feel.
  • Trims & Accessories

    Trims & Accessories

    From underwear, casual outfits, to performance garments and cycling suits, PAIHO introduces trims and fabrics made from eco-friendly materials and processes and features comfortability, durability, and consistent quality.