Consumer Product

Consumer Product
Consumer Product
Paiho provides adhesive and closure solutions in the fields of educational products and stationery-related products, such as conventional hook and loop touch fasteners, molded hooks, velour, etc. In addition to multi-color optional materials, unique customized digital printing patterns are also available. With its non-gelling, non-toxic structure and variability, our materials can be safely applied to educational products / toys, and stationery consumer products.

Sports Wear & Equipment

Paiho Group has provided a wide range of materials for sports gear and equipment from closure system materials like traditional hooks, molded hooks, velour, and functional material like elastic bands, webbings, high strength drawcord, cuff tab, zip puller, anti-slippery sheet, and digital woven labels to meet the requirement of high intensity sports.

Decoration & Gardening Application

Paiho Group has provided a wide range of materials from traditional hooks, molded hooks, velour, elastic bands, webbings for furnishing decoration and gardening applications; such as fixed buckle for replaceable curtains, buckle for sofa and seat covers and accessories, high Speed grinder sandpaper fixing and dismantling structure, pipeline and article arrangement, gardening plant fixing belt and many other applications.

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