PAIHO apparel trim and fabric feature comfortability, durability, and eco-friendly raw material and processes. From ultra-soft underwear, casual outfit, to high-performance outdoor garment, PAIHO team brings unprecedented sensation of tactility, diversified visuality, and consistent quality for all kinds of apparel collections. Get inspired by PAIHO diversified apparel accessories: drawcord, elastic, webbing, reflective materials, and more.
  • Elastic


    Paiho introduced precise knitting and weaving machine with high quality yarn to produce world class elastics.
  • Webbing


    The webbings can be customized with jacquard patterns and the knitted webbings are highly breathable with various textile patterns.
  • Cord | Tip

    Cord | Tip

    Paiho presents delicate and diversified tips and aglets to match drawcords and shoelaces Different materials, surfaces, textures, processing, and tactility.
  • Digital Woven Label

    Digital Woven Label

    Paiho woven jacquard fabric is woven by Switzerland loom which is world class leader. Colorful pattern is able to produce product diversity.
  • Reflective Material

    Reflective Material

    Paiho introduces 3H high quality reflective materials with high brightness, and Paiho patent licensing ”Reflective Tetrahedron Microcrystalline” material with post-processes of injection, dipping, printing to present glossy and reflective surfaces.
  • cuff tab

    cuff tab

    Ultra-light, ultra-thin, and super strong shear strength.The hooks of Easy Tape are more delicate and make garments look and feel better.