Easy Tape

Easy Tape


Easy Tape Molded Hook

Paiho Group has developed molded hook from our several years of research with various hook model and anti-slippery sheet and now is popularly applied in footwear, apparel, stationery, medical, sports, and furniture, automotive, aircraft, and baby care, etc.


  • Ultra-light, ultra-thin, and super strong shear strength (at least 1000g/cm on average).
  • Dense hook and loop closure, with merely 1mm gap (2-3mm for traditional tape).
  • The hooks of Easy Tape are more delicate and make garments look and feel better.
  • The reverse side can be printed to enhance brand image and upgrade products.
  • Products can look more delicate by using high-frequency welding in addition to traditional stitching.
  • Certificated by REACH, RoHS, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 regulations.

Easy Tape vs. Conventional Touch Fastener

PAIHO Patented Easy Tape Molded Hook
Conventional Touch Fastener (Hook & Loop)
  • The continuously molded hook tape has stable quality and high precision with 900 hooks per square inch.
  • Woven with nylon mono filament yarn
  • The delicate hook has strong shear strength and makes dense closure (thickness 1mm)
  • The closure is as thick as 2~3 mm.
  • No stitching is needed; high-frequency welding to create different styles.
  • Yarn comes off easily after trimming.


Footwear / Apparel / Electronics / Sportswear / Medical & Orthopedics / Personal Sanitary & Hygiene / Decoration & Gardening / Transportation / Military & Government



  • Character: Thin, soft, smooth. There around 900 hooks per sq. inch.
  • Peel Strength: 50g/cm
    Shear Strength: 850g/cm2
  • Application: Cable ties, medical use, etc. 


  • Character: Thin, soft, smooth and more durable than ETN-21C
  • Peel Strength: 80~90g/cm
    Shear Strength: 900~1,000g/cm2
  • Application: Toys, hats, fasteners, etc.


  • Character: Stronger & more durable than ETN-32C. It's applicable to those products for frequent use.
  • Peel Strength: 140g/cm
    Shear Strength: 1,400g/cm2
  • Application: Garment, gloves, caps, hand tools, etc. 


  • Character: Shear strength and peel strength are almost the same as traditional hook and loop.
  • Peel Strength: 130g/cm
    Shear Strength: 1,000g/cm2
  • Application: Garment, gloves, caps, bag, shoes, etc. 


  • Character: Thinner but stronger than the traditional woven hook.
  • Peel Strength: 260g/cm
    Shear Strength: 1,800g/cm2
  • Application: Shoes and products requiring higher strength and longer cycle life. 


  • Character: Softer than ETN-62I but cycle life is as long as ETN-62I. 
  • Peel Strength: 140~230g/cm
    Shear Strength: 1,650~1,700g/cm2
  • Application: Garment, caps, bags, etc.

PAIHO Molded Hook vs. Common Molded Hook

PAIHO Molded Hook
Common Molded Hook
-20˚C Cold Resistant Ability -15˚C
Peel Strength: 250g/cm
Shear Strength: 1,600g/cm2
Strength Peel Strength: 90~110g/cm
Shear Strength: 1,450g/cm2
Over 10,000 times Weather Ability Easy to break after 300 times
Soft, fit, and durable Stitch Tear Hard
More than 200 Sales representatives
in 30 distribution points. 
After Service  Regional distribution.
Easy Tape Molded Hook
  • Germany PAT.NO:299919338.1
  • France PAT.NO:9914560
  • Japan PAT.NO:3064277
  • China PAT.NO:380391
Hook ETN 7
  • Taiwan PAT.NO:99112500
  • China PAT.NO:201010174434.5
  • USA PAT.NO:121923.416
  • Europe PAT.NO:10011763.9
  • Korea PAT.NO:10-2010-0094850
  • Japan PAT.NO:2010-182797

3d molded fastening strap

Integrated One-piece Component 

  • Molded with high-quality Nylon material and Paiho patented hook as integrated one-piece fastening strap, the peel and shear strength are guaranteed. 
  • Strap design can be modified according to requirement.
  • Plating, hydro dipping, spray printing processes are available for diversified strap appearance. 
  • Application:footwear,apparel,accessories’fasteningstrap.  



Soundless Hook to Hook Tab

  • High level of repeatability, Easy access to stitching, High level of customized, and Soft flexibility.
  • Creative fastening and thinner cylindrical plastic parts with strong shear strength (6298.67g/cm2). 
  • The hook does not easily snag and low noise while fastening. 

loc grip anti-slippery sheet

Abrasion-resistant pillar surface

  • Paiho patented Loc Grip slippery and abrasion-resistant sheet with precise tooling and high-quality TPR material. 
  • Density:2500 pillars/ inch²
  • Thickness:0.95±0.05mm
  • Hardness:38 SHORE A
  • Color: black/ white/ customized digital printed patterns.  
  • Application: Insole, shoe upper, luggage & Bags, Sporting garment, equipment, accessories, lifestyle products, electronic products, cushion, straps…etc. 


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